Binfikir, whose existence as a news site began in May 2004 and as a monthly newspaper in November 2005, has set itself the goal of bringing the community of Turkish origin in Belgium closer to Belgium and Belgium closer to this community. With the aim of actively seeing the community of Turkish origin participate in the construction of the common future of Belgium, we have been presenting the developments in our country for years in Turkish. In doing so, we have made sure that the disagreements and quarrels of Turkish society are not imported from Turkey to Belgium. With the creation of the Binfikir Discussion Portal, we have decided from February 2021 to adopt a broader approach and open up our columns to authors from the Belgian national languages. With our new platform, we want to bring the communities closer together. According to the name, Binfikir is a pluralistic platform, open to all philosophical and progressive movements. If they respect human rights principles, we welcome the expression of all opinions. “we repeat in one of our slogans, we are not serving a political line, but a basic journalism. “Binfikir is a media organization and a platform for reflection that respects the principles of journalism and that in no way confuses journalism with prepositions, news and allegations.

“Honesty and objectivity in presenting the facts, freedom and independence in their interpretation”

Journalism must be at the service of society; the primary objective of the journalist is to report the facts and to inform the people and the community.

Journalism should not be used to serve personal goals or interests; the journalist should not be guided by personal interests, material or prestige, when deciding whether or not to publish a news item. He or she may not receive a gift in exchange for a publication. As Binfikir, we separate our work in the search for sponsors or advertising of our editorial work by a very clear line.

We do not accept hidden advertisements in our articles and we only talk about certain brands, products or companies if they are interesting in the context of our articles. Binfikir applies rigorously the principle of “honesty and objectivity in the presentation of the facts and independence and freedom in its interpretation. “We regard it as our duty, out of respect for our readers, to make a clear distinction between information, comments and publicity. All our employees or individuals who work in any way for Binfikir shall refrain from using methods or behavior that may be harmful to the ethics of the profession of journalism. No one should threaten or blackmail in exchange for information or promise material or symbolic benefits.

The main purpose of the publications of Binfikir is to ensure that the population fully uses its right to information.

This is the principle that drives our actions. We aim to be open-minded and unprejudiced and, by examining different and conflicting views, to make several voices heard. In order to achieve these goals, we consider it necessary to respect all the rules of a free and objective editorial line. When choosing and dealing with its news, Binfikir takes as its starting points, the reality, the topicality, the importance of society and being honest, and as regards comments, freedom of expression and criticism.

When presenting news and chronicles, respect for truth is the guiding principle. It is our duty to present the facts in all their dimensions and to express different views. We also give the right to respond to the individuals or institutions that are the subject of our news and if they do not express themselves, we mention that in our articles.

Binfikir’s authors and employees are careful not to cause moral and professional damage to other journalists, even if they are rivals, and do not attempt to prevent their publications in any way.

Binfikir’s authors and employees do not rely on the guidelines of state officials, political party ideologies or the interests of national or international powers in the selection or presentation of their information and news, but on the principle of the right of the people to the truth of the facts.

All Binfikir authors and employees are committed to respecting Binfikir’s Editorial Principles without exception. The name Binfikir which means a thousand ideas emphasizes the pluralism of our publications.


Binfikir undertakes to comply with the Global Journalists’ ethical charter. The IFJ Global Charter of Ethics for Journalists was adopted at the 30e IFJ World Congress in Tunis on 12 June 2019. It completes the IFJ statement of principle on journalists’ behavior (1954), known as the “Bordeaux declaration”.